Natural herbal solutions for chronic fatigue.

Chronic Fatigue is a label used to describe people of all ages who have several common symptoms.

Chronic Fatigue is a label used to describe people of all ages who have several common symptoms.

  1. Low energy and/or exhaustion.
  2. Not getting a restful night's sleep. Either not sleeping through the night, or sleeping through the night, but not waking up rested.
  3. Concentration and/or memory not being what you are accustomed to.
  4. Irritability, edginess, impatience and/or depression.
  5. Often, increased sugar or carbohydrate cravings.
  6. Lowered sexual energy or libido.
  7. For some people, a tendency to be more emotional.
  8. Weight gain in some people. Reason being, when exhausted, the body perceives itself as exhausted and won't let go of weight until the condition improves or is corrected.
  9. Lowered immune response.

When chronically fatigued, in general, you function as an eight cylinder vessel running on four, five, six or seven cylinders. Never on all eight. In addition, your tempo, timing, equilibrium and focus are often not what you're accustomed to.

Why Do People Find Themselves in This Chronic Fatigue Condition?

In most cases it has to do with having pushed the body too hard for too long.

Examples include:

  1. Working too many hours.
  2. Working and going to school concurrently.
  3. Starting one's own business.
  4. Relationship problems.
  5. Divorce.
  6. Loss of a loved one.
  7. Job change.
  8. Moving from one location to another.
  9. Financial challenges.
  10. Raising children.
  11. Usually a combination of a number of the above.

Can a person who is Chronically Fatigued correct this problem and many or all of the symptoms associated with this condition?

In most every case, there is a way to correct this depleted condition and restore you to feeling like yourself again.

The Way To Correct This Chronic Fatigue Condition

In addition to taking some specific supplements and herb combinations, there are a few simple guidelines to follow. Follow these guidelines as closely as possible for best results.

  1. Rest! This means relax. Take naps. Go to sleep earlier when possible. Do four errands on the weekends instead of ten, even if you have the time for ten. If you are beginning to get tired or starting to feel fatigued, slow down.
  2. Stay away from emotionally draining situations (to the extent you can). For example, if you have a friend or family member who calls you frequently and you feel like you were hit by a truck after the call, stop subjecting yourself to that. Tell them you love them or care, but are working on an energy condition yourself and can't afford to get worn down.
  3. Only exercise lightly. Nothing to fatigue. Exercising when your body battery is low only lessens the amount of "charge" in your body battery. Most people think exercise is always good. You cannot use the same protocol for every condition. If you had broken legs, you wouldn't run three times a week to heal faster. If you have "broken" energy you do not over expend your energy with exercise or otherwise and expect your body battery to get recharged.
  4. Eat better. Healthy, unadulterated foods are best. That means adequate proteins and at least some vegetables regularly. Less white flour, white rice, iceberg lettuce, foods with colorings, flavorings, additives, and watch out for meats that are pumped with hormones and antibiotics.
  5. Please consider greatly reducing or eliminating your cofee, sodas, alcohol, sugar, and processed foods.
  6. Drink more water if you're not doing so. Your body needs the hydration. Preferrably most of your fluids in between meals as opposed to with your meals.
  7. Take your herbs.
  8. Remember, being a "couch potato" in this condition is a productive thing at this time. Rest is needed. In most cases, people in this condition rarely have given themselves permission to rest and relax. Rest is needed to correct this condition!
  9. Start thinking good thoughts about how much better you are going to be feeling in a very short time.

A person will not jump from A-Z in four to five weeks. Instead, the progress will be incremental or gradual. Instead of A-Z, the process is more like A-H, then H-L, then L-R, and then R-Z.

Every step shows you further progress and is evidenced by you feeling more and more like yourself in every way.

You will see for yourself. Try this program and watch how much better you feel in a very short time!

NOTE: Are Epstein-Barr and Mononucleosis Chronic Fatigue?

Epstein-Barr and Mononucleosis are not Chronic Fatigue. These viruses can be present when a person is exhausted because they are opportunistic viruses. They show up when a person is already depleted and take up residence. They are not Chronic Fatigue. They can certainly add to the tiredness a person feels, but can be eliminated once a person gains enough strength and energy to erridicate the virus. If Mononucleosis or Epstein-Barr is present, please request the product VS-C.

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